How to do Ph.D after CS

ICSI has from time to time, has entered MOU’s with many universities in India, which allows member of the Institute to do various courses in such universities.

Many universities in India has recognized ‘Company Secretary’ course as equivalent to their Post Graduate degree, which make them eligible to do Ph.D programs in specified areas. In other words a member of the ICSI can do Ph.D in a university even if he/she do not have any post graduate degree

What is eligibility to do Ph.D?

Becoming a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, is the primary criteria to do Ph.D. However, many universities have specified some additional eligibility criteria too. For example some universities demands 55 % marks in CS course, some others specify post qualification experience for some years etc. One will have to check the criteria of each university to determine their eligibility

Is there any restriction/limitation in the areas in which Ph.D can be done?

Most universities restrict the areas/subjects in which a Ph.D can be done. Major subjects where a CS is allowed are Commerce, Management, Law etc. However, some universities like South Gujarat University, Annamalai University etc, has allowed open recognition for CS. They can do Ph.D in their area of interest.

List of universities, which have recognised CS course for pursuing ph.d course.

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