Applicability of GST in CS December 2016 Exams

‘Did GST is applicable for CS December 2016 exam’ is the query, which this article attempts to answer.

Tax Laws are included in the syllabus of ICSI for ‘Company Secretary’ course at two levels

  1. Tax Laws and Practice in Executive level in which Direct Tax constitutes 70 marks and Service and Sales Tax constitutes 30 marks. And
  2. Advanced Tax Laws and Practice in Professional level in which Direct Tax constitutes 30 marks and Indirect Taxes constitute 70 marks.

GST is particularly important for CS students as it replace a major area of Advanced Tax Laws and Practice of Professional level and small area in Tax Laws and Practice of Executive level.

In a nutshell it replaces the Indirect Tax Laws of both subjects.

When it comes to the topic, Goods and Services Tax portions as provided in the study material will only be applicable in December 2016 exams. Institute do not put students into trouble by making applicable the recent changes in laws. Amendments to the laws made up to six months preceding the date of examination are only applicable for upcoming exams.

In professional level GST is a chapter in Advanced Tax Laws and Practice which covers the concepts and other aspects relating to GST. ICSI may issue a supplement covering some more topics which may be made applicable to December Exams.

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Sreenu T

Sreenu T, is an associate member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India and holds post graduate degree in Commerce. He is currently pursuing his profession as a practicing company secretary in Kerala. He is fond of assisting entrepreneurs in setting up their business and ensuring good governance. Besides consulting he is a faculty in the field of Financial Management, Forex, Goods and Services Tax and Music. Read More For assistance Contact Author

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